Monday, 7 November 2011

Pix Bar

This one is for the girls. If you're not enticed by the tasty tapas and the temperate atmosphere toasty enough for you to ditch those winter layers then you will be persuided by the unusual staffing. Read 'unusual' as predominantly male and all rating above an 8 in the looks department. 

For weeks there've been hushed conversations around Soho about a bar where all of the staff are not only male and straight but  also smoking hot in that model-esque way you don't usually encounter this far west of Shoreditch. 

Let the focus at Pix be the eye candy and the the ambiance and not how much money you're blowing on tiny nibbles(a few glasses of the Rioja will certainly help with this) and you'll be set to have an evening of girly giggles and naughty thoughts. 

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